15 Ways To Reuse Your Candle Vessel

If you are someone like me that have an abundance of candle vessels that don’t have a purpose, yet you feel guilty just throwing them out!... Please don't!

Below is a list of all the creative ways you can find use out of a candle vessel after it has done its job of making your home or office smell amazing. 

  1. Makeup brush holder.
  2. Perfume sample holder.
  3. Toothbrush holder.
  4. Pen/pencil jar.
  5. Potpourri container.
  6. Cotton ball jar.
  7. Use it to plant a succulent.
  8. Paperclips.
  9. Paintbrush holder.
  10. Bath bomb jar.
  11. Bobby pins (OMG Finally, a place to store these things!).
  12. Collector for positive affirmations- jot them down on a piece of paper and
  13. read them when you’re having a hard day.
  14. Date Night Idea Jar.
  15. A vase for flowers.